Below we have outlined some of the major Management services that CAM offers.  Because we are a service-based company in a constantly changing market, we are consistently updating and improving the services we offer our clients through Human Resources and technology.  It is our intention to work closely with the Board of Directors to tailor our services to ensure the best possible service is delivered to your Association to achieve your goals and objectives.  It is our goal as a management company to make your job as a Member of the Board as fulfilling and successful as possible.

  • Board Meetings
  • Annual Meeting
  • 12-Month Planning Calendar
  • Contractor Supervision
  • RFP Solicitation
  • Assessment Billing and Collection
  • Delinquent Account Follow-up
  • Attorney Correspondence on Collection Issues
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Monthly Investment Reports
  • Draft Budget Preparation and Implementation
  • Full Administrative Services
  • Inspections/Violations

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