Transition Services

​When it’s time for your community to transition to the CAM family, you can rest assured that our dedicated team will proactively manage all the details of your transfer, seamlessly and completely. From operational audits to community maintenance planning and writing and enforcing community policies, we pay attention to every detail, to ensure a smooth transition for you and your residents.

Operational Audits Having written policies helps make the Board’s job much easier. From both our experience and extensive resources, we will evaluate existing policies or help develop the following for your association.

Collection Policy: A Collection Policy outlines the collection procedure beyond that routinely included in the documents of the association. Specifics regarding application of payments, Intent to Liens, liens and foreclosure are published and distributed to all owners.

Violations/Compliance Policy: A Compliance Policy related to the letter process for those homes that do not meet the standards established by the community. We will review and help develop the inspection and compliance system to protect property values.

Community Maintenance Plan: A Maintenance Plan helps the Board meet its responsibility for protection of the physical assets by creating a detailed plan for routine and preventative maintenance.

Financial Analysis: A comprehensive financial analysis will be conducted within the first six months of transitioning to CAM. This includes a review of the most frequent indicators of financial health and will include a plan for correcting any deficiencies noted.

Investment Policy: An Investment Policy outlines the policy to make sure that all money is fully insured at all times in accordance with the association documents.

Insurance Audit: The Insurance Audit analyzes existing coverage for the Association and Owners to make sure that no obvious exposures exist.

Architectural Control Policies and Procedures: The Architectural Control Policy details the process for those owners that make changes to the exterior of the homes including detailing what types of changes that need approval by the Architectural Review Committee.

Detailed Specifications: Detailed Specifications are created and included in Requests for Proposals (RFP) and are the cornerstones of making sure that the vendors understand the scope of any given contract being awarded like landscape, fertilization and irrigation.

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